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No positions in your field of interest?



Are you looking for an internship in your field of study?

Send your c.v. it will be our pleasure to check if we have projects that match your interests. Take care to specify the dates of your internship and the field of internship.

Working conditions

Safety at Work

  • Our number one priority is your safety

  • A safe work environment is essential to take care of your loved ones and practice your hobbies !


Work Schedule

  • The plant operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

  • Choice of shift (day, evening, night, weekend day or night)

  • 24-hour weekend work schedule for student

  • Flexible office hours



  • Factory Shift Bonuses

  • Fair compensation to employees


Group Insurance and RRSP-DPSP

  • Available after a few months of service

  • Insurance that covers medication, life, disability, travel, and your family

  • Employer participates in your retirement fund

Training and Development

  • We recognize your potential

  •  Opportunity to grow in our company

We Take Care of Our Employees

Employee and Family Assistance Program

If you are facing difficult times, you have free access to confidential support and accompaniment services with professionals who will guide you according to your needs.

Recognition Program

We are proud of our employees and annually recognize employees who have achieved a certain number of years of service, as well as retirees.  We believe it is important to highlight the loyalty of our employees by thanking them.


Royal Mat Inc finds it important to be transparent with our employees by regularly communicating to them the progress of our results as well as future projects.


Pre-Retirement Program

The employee may benefit from a reduced schedule once they are 60 years old.


Factory open to culture

We attach great importance to respecting each other's differences. Our factory welcomes people from different cultures. We like cultural diversity, it leads to beautiful exchanges between us.


Social life

What better than activities to socialize with your colleagues outside of work

To contact the recruiter :

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