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WHO WE ARE               

Royal Mat is one of the early pioneers in the North American tire recycling sector. We specialize in the fabrication of rubber mats made from recycled tires. Our products are sold worldwide for use by dairy farms, equestrian centers, sound insulation specialists, fitness flooring companies and the transport industry to ensure the comfort and safety of individuals and businesses.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities, to ongoing training of the employees, and to rigorous quality control, Royal Mat is a leader of its industry.

At Royal Mat, experience, innovation and continuous improvement all contribute to offering rubber products that live up to expectations. The customer is our best partner as far as quality is concerned, because we make it a point to always listen to our customer's needs.                    

OUR STORY             

1983 : Royal Mat started producing its first recycled rubber mats in Beaucevill, Qc.                    
1986 : Three years later, following the strong support and popularity of the company's products in various markets, the owners quickly began exporting to the United States and Europe, and built a new plant.                    
1989 : The development of the «beehive» and «diamond plate» rubber mats was a breakthrough that provided the market with a much higher quality non-slip mat and catapulted the company to the top of the stall mat sector in North America.                               
1996 : Royal Mat developed a new recycled rubber-based sound insulation panel called "Neutra-Phone", which it patented worldwide.                    
2012 : Major renovations on the principal press. Modernization and improvements.                    
2014 :Royal Mat announces a major investment plan for the next (3) years. Recycling, rubber crumb and mat production.

2016: Royal acquires a water-jet cutting machine and establishes a new plan for value-added rubber products                  


Royal Mat is a company that respects the environment. In addition to using a raw material that is at the end of its useful life cycle, the product manufactured is 100% recyclable.                    
At the end of the manufacturing process of the finished product, the company has salvaged and reused the vast majority of the waste from the different stages of transformation. This puts Royal Mat at the forefront of the recycling field as far as environmental protection.


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