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Here are basic recommendations for the installation of: dairy mats in tied stalls and free stalls.
Mat choice
In the stalls ? Ergobridge ergonomic mats (softer mat, easier to clean) T134BRP or T134R+P
In alleys and standing areas ? Isomat beehive mat T134 or T134A.


Free stalls
To keep the cows from lying down in the alleys, it is important to make sure cows can feel a difference between the hardness and surface of mats placed in the alleys from the ones in stalls.  Interlock mats are not recommended in aisles if a manure scraper is used, unless the scraper is equipped with a rubber lip.


Installation temperature

Stall when the ambient temperature is mild (around 15°C/60°F) to prevent excessive rubber expansion and contraction. We recommend that you leave the cow mats at room's ambient temperature 24 hours before installation. You should not install when the temperature is below 10°C/50°F, or over 25°C/75°F. You should expect a variation in size of 3,5mm/1/8'' in width and 5mm/3/16'' in length for every 20°C/35°F in temperature change. Always install mats leaving 10mm/1/2'' all around the room to enable the mats to expand

Download our document: Installation Guidelines Dairy

If more information is required, please do not hesitate to contact Royal Mat customer's service.



Cow mats are very easy to clean. Their non-porous non-slip surface is a cinch to clean; you can scrape or brush the surface and clean it using your regular cleaning products.

Installation and Maintenance
Installation and Maintenance
Installation and Maintenance
Installation and Maintenance
Installation and Maintenance
Installation and Maintenance

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